Orleans County, New York - Tooley Family History

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Brown Hakes and Allied Families
by: Walter LeRoy Brown & M. Theta Hakes Brown 1940

Murray, N.Y. Road Records, 1838: Taxed for road work in Dis-
trict No. 31: Samuel Maxon, Elijah Maxon, Elisha Maxon..."Old Mr. 
Tooley" (Probably Israel Tooley). Brothers and sisters were:
  1  Angelina Tooley b. 1813 in Washington Co.,N.Y., m. Amasa
     Gates, d. Apr. 2, 1888, ae 84-6-3, b. in Greenfield, Vt. (D.R. Mur-
     ray, N.Y.). Ch.:
     11 Louise Gates d. Jan. 1896 ae 65-4-12, m. Asahel Adams Jr.
        See above.
     12 Israel b. 1832 Jefferson Co., m. Amanda Webster. (Webster
        Gen., p. 1166). Ch.: Hattie; Ella; Sherman, d. unm. May 20,
        1896 ae 28-4-9.
     13 Stephen d. unm.
     14 Fanny m. (1) Lorenzo Phillips, m. (2) David Carpenter. Ch.:
        Fanny; Homer; Frank; Silas; Eva b. 1865.
     15 Lavina b. 1837.
     16 Lewis m. Aug. 14, 1875 Sarah (Stearns) Brown, widow of John
        Brown. See BROWN, p. 20.
  2  Dexter Tooley, d. Holley, N.Y. 1901 ae 82, b. in Vt., m. Margaret
     Adams d. July 22, 1890, ae 62. Ch.:
     21 & 22 Asahel and John killed in the Civil War.
     23 Egbert (Dimp) b. 1850, m. Jennie... Ch.: Mammie, Jay, Edna.
     24 Lydia.
     25 Alice ae 8 in 1875, m. 1883 George Baldwin. See Landmarks
        of Orleans Co., N.Y., p. 168. Nine ch. of whom Lydia M. Fred
        Nesbitt (David, James, John). John Nesbitt from the North
        of Ireland is buried in Beach Ridge, Brockport, N.Y. James  
        David, Harry and Fred and Grace (see p. 126): also Adam
        Samuel of Gains, Leslie (p. 13); also Allen, James of
     26 Minnie ae 4 in 1875.
  3  Samuel Tooley, d. aug. 19, 1888 ae 74-2-0, b. St. Lawrence Co., m.
     (1) Clarissa Knapp (G.S.R. Carlton, N.Y.: Clarissa Tooley, wife
     of Samuel Tooley and dau. of John and Almira Knapp, d. July 6,
     1851 ae 37-7-13. Ch.:
     31 Elizabeth Tooley ae 7 in 1850 Census Kendall, N.Y.
     32 Cyrus Tooley d. Nov. 21, 1878 ae 32, m. Margaret Carpenter
        (David). Ch.: Clara Tooley m. John Long; dau. m. Austin
        Clark of Fancher, N.Y.
     33 Harriet Tooley b. Mar. 14, 1848, m. (1) Horatio Stafford (see
        Appendix VI) m. (2) Oct. 15, 1873 Ira Theodore Brown. See
        Brown, p. 11.
        BROWN, p. 11. Samuel Tooley m. (2) Jane Knapp and had a 
        son, Frank, d. unm.
  4  Submit Tooley b. 1806, m. James Prouty; lived in Murray, N.Y.
     She left a will and d. childless in 1881. He d. two years later.
     Settlements of their estates throw much light on the relation-
     ships here given.
  5  Betsey Tooley b. Aug. 20, 1803, d. Aug. 20, 1884 North Granville,
     N.Y., m. Linus Prouty b. 1808. See Prouty Genealogy.
  6  Cyrus Tooley of Pultney, Vt., had 8 sons and one daughter.
     61 Alvin Tooley of Kendall, N.Y. Lot 3 in 1867; later went to
        Danbury, Conn. 1865 Census Kendall, N.Y.: Alvin Tooley 36,
        b. Washington Co.; Mary, wife 38; Fred 9; Ella 7; Delos 6.
     62 Norman Tooley m. Charlotte Gould (p. IV, Appendix). Ch.:
        Professor Arthur Tooley. He was a teacher in the Brock-
        port Normal School several years. 
     Cyrus Tooley's wife was a dau. of Alvin Lumbard and Sarah
     Culver who was a dau. of Capt. Daniel Culver of the Revolution,
     first settlers of Wells, Vt. (Letter to Arthur Tooley in 1910).
  7  Jerusha Tooley m....Carpenter of Jefferson Co.
  8  Mrs. Washburn who had a daughter Betsey Washburn of Mills
     Mills, N.Y.
  9  Polly Tooley, m....Hoag.
 10  Horace Tooley.
 11  Israel Tooley of Castile had a son Ellis.
    Reference: Landmarks of Monroe Co., N.Y., Part III, p. 95. Nor-
 man Tooley, m. Wells, Rutland Co., Vt., Mar. 9, 1827, m. 1855 Char-
 lotte Gould. Sanford, History of Orleans Co., N.Y. 1879, p. 289:
 Stephen Chapell (b. 1820, buried in Mt. Albion), m. 1843 Anna, dau.
 of Linus Prouty.

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