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The Mission:

To abstract and make available as many Vital Records including the Barbour Collection, Census Records, Cemetery Transcriptions, land, war information on the New England Colonial American Tooley and its allied families as possible, beginning with Christopher Tooley whom lived in Connecticut in the mid 1600's. Included in this line are all the ones whom migrated to Massachusetts, Vermont and New York, the ones whom went to Canada about the time of the war of 1812 and all whom migrated westward during the great migration. My hope is one day we may be able to connect all the Tooley's and the many different spelling variations as well as pronunciations. There are many obstacles to making this happen but one day may we all be reunited into one family tree.

About Me:

I have been researching the New England Colonial American Tooley family for many years now. I was fortunate to have a job that allowed me to travel to the New England states frequently, therefore I was able to research and abstract much information on our ancestors. I have found that if you can go to the sources of data, there is a lot of untapped information out there for our use. The problem is having the time and money to dig for it, database it and get it into a format where we can use it effectively. It is my mission to abstract and make available as much information on the Tooley and its allied families as possible that one day we may be able to connect all the Tooley's with all the different spelling variations as possible. One day may we be all reunited into one family tree.

A word about free genealogy:

While we would all like to keep genealogy free and with no banners or advertisements, unfortunately there are some problems with this idea. There are many costs involved with going out and transcribing this data. There are costs of purchasing materials to be transcribed, transportation, costs of maintaining a website, keeping an up-to-date computer and software, and the list goes on. This money has to come from somewhere.

Transcribing original sources of data can be a real challenge and very time consuming. Many old records are hand written and the hand writing can be very poor and hard to read. Cemetery transcriptions need to be done as the weather permits, adding to the scheduling challanges. Tombstones are often weathered, hard to read and sometimes broken or missing. Microfilm and microfiche can be of poor quality and difficult to read. Some of these projects are very large and take a considerable amount of time to complete. Again the list keeps going on.

Many people will use our record transcriptions, most of the time with out a simple thank you. Most of the time you will never know who used your data or even how much they used or how much they may profit from using it. Many people will use the free data that we transcribe but will never contribute or give anything to the community that they have benefited from.

Copyright protection only covers Original works and does not extend to factual information. You can not publish a fact and claim copyright protection of the fact. This is because facts are not original works. Therefore individuals and companies can and do come in steal the facts that we worked hard to transcribe and put our work on a larger pay site and we never receive as much as a thank you for our hard work.

For these reasons I put banners and advertisements on our websites. While I am yet to make a profit, at least I can recover some of my costs and helps fund future projects. Anyone whom makes a purchase from this website, is showing an appreciation for my hard work and likewise, I value and appreciate everyone whom supports my work. Thank You!

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